Inspiration Station ~ The 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs by Joe Robinson

Posted by Mary Lu Hunt

This article was published in the January 10th 2014 issue of Entrepreneur magazine. It’s a broadstroke statement that refers to the average “Joe” who is not necessarily a type “A” personality but whose traits are more of the well rounded version. Perhaps someone who is more dogged and determined in his or her demeanor rather than an honor student or person who has been deemed more likely to succeed. Are you a Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or a person who consumes tenacity and determination each morning before you hit the pavement? Is a little adversity going to stop you in your tracks or propel you onward to conquer any weaknesses you may possess so that you can achieve success?

Hal Blevings landscape photo of the desert pier mount lantern designed by MLH


In designing, manufacturing, managing and delivering – we must flip many hats in order to stay ahead of the final picture we already have in our head. Great article and very inspiring!


Landscape Design by  landscape architect Hal Blevins, owner of Exterior Images



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