Outdoor Exterior Lanterns

Outdoor Exterior Lanterns

Outdexterior wall sconce re-shoot 001oor exterior lanterns for wall mounting come in a variety of ways to be mounted on surfaces. When planning the placement of an outdoor exterior lantern, it is always a good rule of thumb to determine the style of lantern first. Your home’s architecture can often dictate the style of lantern you may select. If your home is of an English Tudor heritage – one to two stories with wood trim, a thatched roof, perhaps leaded glass windows, then you might select an English Tudor Coach light, which is affixed to the wall and sports a tail reminiscent of Tudor style horse coaches from the 16th, 17th and 18th century. Or, you might consider another English styled wall lantern that resembles the home’s windows.  http://www.customlightstyles.com/extlighting_1.asp

Italian styled architecture actually enlarges the scope of outdoor lantern exterior lantern designs that you can select from. Whether the placement is at the entry to your home or over a highly elevated garage with ornate doors, there are many different styles of outdoor exterior 038lanterns to choose from.  Also, if the area over your garage is exceptionally wide, then an outdoor exterior lantern mounted with “moustache” arms that extend outward from the outdoor exterior lantern’s cage, will often lend itself to the architecture and scale of the garage.

Outdoor exterior lantern styles can be very simple or very ornate. It all depends upon the person’s taste, the home’s architecture and, of course, the weight of one’s pocketbook. Put yourself in the hand’s of someone who knows outdoor exterior lanterns – give Mary Lu Hunt a call at 707-547-9909. She’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.DeBaun Family archive - custom lantern A 001

Luxury Lighting Design for Outdoor Exterior Lights

Outdoor Exterior Luxury Lighting Design

Luxury lighting for outdoor exterior lights. Some of you might think luxury lighting is a new trend. Is it just the  luxury lighting design that you like or do you have an appreciation for fine metal work, completely made by hand, and so unique, that you won’t see it on every ceiling or wall, in every showroom? Come to think of it…maybe you want a light design that is so special, that it will infuse your abode with that spirit of a given time….perhaps a time gone by. Outdoor exterior lights can go from being “run of the mill” to something unique and special.

DeBaun Historic drawings for slideshow 023

Finely wrought custom details and beautiful, hand applied “living” finishes that develop rich patinas as time goes by…..these are the things that can add authenticity to your home. Details, such as the lost art of wax casting, to capture fine points in a design, can make all the difference, when seeking to add to the accuracy of a historical site.


Custom hand built outdoor lanterns can achieve a simplicity in the lines of the design or can have ornate characteristics when either hand formed or by custom hand castings. Outdoor exterior lanterns can achieve a feel of luxury by properly sizing the fixtures to suit the architecture and structure dimensions.

Luxury lighting design is all about how the final outdoor lantern looks when it is finally installed. High end manufacturers who have an established presence, have honed their skill sets to include a number of specialty machinations to achieve those luxury lighting design details. Whether they are achieving certain points of design by hand or by a software driven, state-of-the-art, specialty machined table, the final stroke is always engineered by the human mind.

Luxury lighting—it’s in the details….

Colonial Lanterns, When is a Lanthorn a Lantern?

Colonial Lanterns

Paul Revere is famous for being a patriot and a passionate colonist, having been one of the principal horsemen who led Boston’s Committee of Safety during the Boston Tea Party. He systematically set up a complex arrangement of lanterns, thus alerting the Minutemen of the British invasion, engraving his name in history forever as an American hero.

Paul Revere LanternHis original version of colonial lanterns has been replicated for several hundreds of years and remains a favorite lantern design by many American manufacturers.

By trade, Paul Revere was a second generation silversmith and artisan, excelling at his trade by fabricating beautifully crafted tea sets and spoons. Not only was he celebrated in 1775 as the man who rode into the Lexington night to take heed of the approaching Redcoats  -he later expanded his American company to include a foundry so that he could further manufacture exquisite silver and pewter hardware for his discerning clientele.

Check out this story about Paul Revere’s famous lantern, lit by one candle and made by hand: www.concordmuseum.org/lantern.php

Although Paul Revere’s original colonial lantern was made from iron, instead of brass, it was prone to rusting and disentagrating in the wet weather of Boston and probably wouldn’t have survived many harsh winters for very long. Colonial lanterns were crudely fashioned and embellished by hand.

Today, we continue that historical influence by fabricating, here in the USA, these simple lanterns that have a beauty and simplicity all their own. Our patterns and colonial lanterns have been in the family for 105 years – softly and historically  illuminating entryways.

If you like this version of an 18th century Colonial lantern, or, if you have a more complex custom design in mind, call Customlightstyles at 707-547-9909 and have a chat with Mary Lu.

Inspiration Station ~ The 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs by Joe Robinson

Posted by Mary Lu Hunt


This article was published in the January 10th 2014 issue of Entrepreneur magazine. It’s a broadstroke statement that refers to the average “Joe” who is not necessarily a type “A” personality but whose traits are more of the well rounded version. Perhaps someone who is more dogged and determined in his or her demeanor rather than an honor student or person who has been deemed more likely to succeed. Are you a Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or a person who consumes tenacity and determination each morning before you hit the pavement? Is a little adversity going to stop you in your tracks or propel you onward to conquer any weaknesses you may possess so that you can achieve success?

Hal Blevings landscape photo of the desert pier mount lantern designed by MLH


In designing, manufacturing, managing and delivering – we must flip many hats in order to stay ahead of the final picture we already have in our head. Great article and very inspiring!


Landscape Design by  landscape architect Hal Blevins, owner of Exterior Images



Jeffrey Alan Marks: The Meaning of Home Published in the September 15, 2014 issue of Luxe.daily Interiors + design

Lantern 6625Posted by Mary Lu Hunt. Manufacturing.


Home. What does that mean to most of us?

A place to toss your hat….maybe a cozy corner to curl up in. Jeffrey Alan Marks

designs for each individual client by listening carefully to their wants and wishes, then custom-making exactly

what they need. His luxurious approach to living well has resulted in a sumptuous book that most notably will be picked up and perused rather than left on the proverbial coffee table.


Taste….is what it’s all about.


Inside The 2013 Billionaires List: Facts and Figures This story appears in the March 25, 2013 issue of Forbes.

Posted by Mary Lu Hunt. Manufacturing.


DeBaun Historic drawings for slideshow 008

Should we be targeting the wealthiest people in America to come through our doors and buy our luxury goods? Absolutely. Are they the only people in the United States who appreciate custom, made-to-order lighting, heirloom quality furniture of the highest grade or hand painted wall paper? No, I believe each of us can appreciate what high end means and, perhaps, strive to save up and purchase that exquisite piece we’ve had our eyes on for quite a while. It all depends upon  your expectations. Do you want the item to last for five years or do you wish to hand down your one-of-a-kind pieces to your children and their’s…..?

I think a thoughtful approach is to showcase offerings that are future investment pieces. Furniture and lighting that will last a lifetime and function beautifully, forever.


Hand Drawn Historical Rendering~Property of the DeBaun Lighting Family

19 Hard Things You Need To Do To Be Successful HomeLightingBlog.net WordPress.com

Posted by Mary Lu Hunt. Manufacturing.

19 Hard Things You Need To Do To Be Successful.

What this article is about: You are in charge, you are responsible, you call the shots and, you are the bottom line.

This article is written by Dan Waldschmidt of Edgy Conversations and it was published in the Business Insider.


This article really touched a cord with me, as an entreprenuer in today’s economy. I am working to keep lots of other people employed, and for that reason, I need to be reminded daily of how much my attitude, my demeanor and my metal counts with each and every individual I encounter. I have to stay positive in the face of dilemmas, time constraints and general malaise so that I can focus on the bigger picture. Staying successful and competitive in today’s American market. I want all of my clients to think I rock but I have to be prepared to not be the most popular kid on the block when it comes to decision-making.



Mr. Waldschmidt could not have written a more timely essay/list of points for us all to follow!


Custom Outdoor Exterior Lighting Lanterns


Custom Outdoor Exterior Lighting Lantern with a remote switch
Custom outdoor exterior lighting lanterns can be made with gas ignitions. With a flick of a switch or manually – one can control  the gas and the height of the flame. Outdoor exterior lighting fixtures, as in lanterns, hanging pendants, pier column mounts and flush wall mounts, can all be gas lit. The earliest custom outdoor exterior lighting lanterns made in America, were lit by a single candle. Later, when made available, lit by a single to triple flame powered by gas.
The earliest custom outdoor exterior lighting lanterns, were made of iron, not brass. These lanterns were prone to rusting if exposed to wet weather, especially, coastal marine weather. Early custom outdoor exterior lighting lanterns used for outdoor exterior use, were made by hand. The metal was formed with whatever tools  were available, in order to create a shape that was appealing with the  tastes of early America.
Our early history has shaped how we make beautifully crafted outdoor exterior lDSC00178ighting lanterns today. We have  many ways that allow us to create stunning luminaries that are so beautiful, they speak for themselves! Custom outdoor exterior lighting lanterns with gas ignitions are making a true comeback, not because they are energy efficient, but because they impart such a beautiful glow when lit.
Check out this piece on the origins of gas lighting at the turn-of-the-century:
http://www.nationalgasmuseum.org.uk /index.asp?page=history-04
Custom Outdoor Exterior Lighting Lantern with a manual switch
If our designs ignite your imagination or if you have some ideas of your own, call Customlightstyles at 707-547-9909 and ask for Mary Lu, who will be happy to guide you to achieve your own custom outdoor exterior lighting lantern.


The Correct Outdoor Lantern for Your Home’s Architecture

Outdoor lighting fixtures come in a wide line-up of designs, finishes, historic classifications, dimensions and glass selections. There are fundamentals in your home’s exterior décor that can safely help you choose the best possible outdoor light fixture to add beauty, as well as, safety and security to your home. It is best to illuminate your entrance to your home first, thus establishing a design or theme for the rest of the house. But first, it is wise to look for common design characteristics in your home to select the perfect outdoor light fixture. The following styles of outdoor lights should be helpful in identifying those specific features of your home that you wish to emphasize.

LanternTraditional Architecture

This style of architecture calls for a lighting fixture that is classic, elegant and without being excessively detailed. Outdoor light fixtures of this classification often have linear lines, some curves and are often reflecting those characteristics of either European or Victorian stylings. Outdoor lighting in this vein offers a rather broad category of influence without being too avant-garde.

Custom, Made-to-Order, Gas and Electric Exterior Light Fixtures

Custom outdoor lighting fabricators have always involved themselves with creative projects that include the client’s input, because, after all, the client has a vision of how they want the final outdoor light fixture to look like, upon completion. From the initial design to an actual full scale hand drawn draft and pattern, prototype molds, the completion of the prototype, the fabricator should show the client each of the steps to make sure he has done exactly what the client wants.  After the design prototype has been approved, there is the finish selection, the glass choice and the actual trial testing of the fixture, the photographing of the fixture, then the careful packing and handling, prior to the outgoing shipment.

Custom outdoor light fixtures should be UL compliant outdoor light fixtures, whether they are gas or electric. When dealing with a custom outdoor lighting fabricator, it is important that the manufactory has an excellent reputation, supported by many years of careful fabrication and expertise, with in house designers who give their attention to every detail. Whether it’s home lighting you seek or an innovative historical reproduction for your business, a custom outdoor lighting fabricator should also offer energy saving solutions in a complete range of outdoor lighting fixture styles.